Multilingual Reclassification Process

Roadmap to Reclassification & Reclassification Process


Road Map to Reclassification: Kindergarten – Grade 6 

Roadmap to Reclassification: Grade 7-8

Roadmap to Reclassification: Grade 9-12

EL Proficiency Levels (flipbook for teachers)

SCOE Roadmap to Reclassification

California Department of Education Roadmap to Reclassification



* A list of RFEP Potentials will be emailed out to all schools (EL  Resource Teachers/Principals) at the beginning of each wave.  Schools have 2 weeks to process the reclassification.  Once the reclassification process is completed, Multilingual Literacy will send out the Reclassification Forms and Parent Notification Letters to schools.

First Wave      – (October 1st-15th)
Second Wave – (February 1st -15th
Third Wave     - (May 2nd-13th)