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The McKinney-Vento- Education for Homeless Children & Youths act provides certain protections for homeless students, including enrollment rights (see Homeless Student Rights below).  The SCUSD Homeless Services Program supports the enrollment, attendance, and achievement of homeless students to ensure they receive equal access to educational opportunities.

Definition of Homeless Students

Students who have lost their housing are defined as homeless if they lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. This includes living in: emergency shelters or transitional housing programs; a public/private place that is not designed for or normally used as a place for sleeping (cars, parks/public places, abandoned/condemned buildings, bus stations, etc); motel/hotel, campground, or travel trailer due to a lack of alternative adequate accommodations; temporarily moved in with others due to a loss of housing or financial problems (eviction, job loss, etc).  Homeless students include unaccompanied youth, runaways, children abandoned in hospitals, and migratory children who live in the conditions described above.

The Homeless Program Coordinator for SCUSD is:

Monica McRho
Homeless Services Office
(916) 277-6892 – Office
(916) 295-7292 – Mobile

Homeless Student Rights

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SCUSD Policies: Education for Homeless Children

Board Policy 6173   Administrative Regulation 6173

AB 1806 Summary: Homeless Youth Credit Issuance & Exemption from Graduation Requirements

Homeless Services Office

Assistance is provided in the following areas:

  • McKinney-Vento rights and services,
  • School enrollment and attendance support services,
  • Records retrieval, school and hygiene supplies,
  • Health/immunization assistance and referrals,
  • Shelter/housing and community referrals,
  • Dispute mediation, and
  • Other student and family support services.

Homeless Services Flyer Feb2021   Get Help: Homeless Services Referral

Staff Use Only forms (restricted to staff)

For Staff Use Only forms please click here (must be logged in to Google with your SCUSD credentials to access). These include:  Declaration of Residence – STAFF USE ONLY (for staff to verify the housing/homeless status of a Parent/ERH or Unaccompanied Youth) and AB 1806 Graduation Requirement Exemption-STAFF USE ONLY (for staff to issue AB 1806 Exemption to eligible high school students).

School Enrollment Information

Registering a Student who is Unhoused (Online or Paper Copy)

The student can be immediately enrolled even if missing required Documentation (see Documentation Families Need to Provide to Enroll).  If you do have the Documentation, please submit it at the time of enrollment.  If you are missing required Documentation, please submit these forms and the student will be immediately enrolled: 

  1. Student Registration Packet, and
  2. Housing Survey

​The student will receive a Conditional Enrollment with a deadline to turn in any other needed documents. 

High School Transcripts:  If missing transcripts, the student can choose to be immediately enrolled in grade appropriate classes or they can choose to delay enrollment pending receipt of their transcripts.

Special Day Class (SDC) students (special education):  Fill out the Special Education Enrollment form to indicate attendance/enrollment preference while waiting for your child’s IEP review and placement:  You can choose immediate enrollment in a general education classroom or a delayed enrollment pending the IEP review.  Turn this document in with the Student Registration Form.

Unaccompanied Youth (not in the care of a legal parent or guardian) can be enrolled per above.

For more information, contact Enrollment Center staff (916-395-4705) or Homeless Services (916-277-6892).

Community Resources

Basic Needs
Housing & Shelter
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