At-Home COVID-19 Testing Before Returning to School from Winter Break
Students and Staff may be exposed during Winter Break. Testing at home helps prevent the spread and keep schools open.

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Step 1: Get the following materials:
  • Two iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests (with instructions).
  • A device with internet access for submitting your results at the link provided by your school. (If you do not have a device or internet, call Primary at (650) 275-5419.
Step 2: Test your student (or yourself if you are a staff member)

NO SYMPTOMS? Students and staff members with NO COVID-19 symptoms and NO known exposure to someone with COVID-19 should TEST TWO TIMES:

  • Test #1: Three (3) days before returning to school
  • Test #2: The day before returning to school

WATCH a video on how to test.

ANY SYMPTOMS? KNOWN EXPOSURE? If you HAVE ANY COVID-19 symptoms and/or you know you were exposed, CALL YOUR SCHOOL for next steps before you return.

Step 3: Share your test results on Primary.Health. (DO NOT use the iHealth app.)

If not already registered, go to Primary Health by December 29                                          

A message will be sent to you from Primary Health on 12/30 and 1/2 to report your results.

NO INTERNET? Call your results in at (650) 275-5419

Step 4: Understand your test results 


Stay home and contact your doctor, your school and email right away for further guidance.


If your student feels well and has no COVID-19 symptoms, RETURN TO SCHOOL!

If your student has SYMPTOMS or has been in contact with someone with COVID-19, please stay home and CALL THE SCHOOL before they return – even if the test is negative. More testing may be needed. 

UNCLEAR TEST RESULTS? Contact the school for next steps, to find the next in-school testing date, or find a local testing site to retest. Make sure you have a photo of your test.

Questions about Primary Health?  Contact 650-275-5419