California State Seal of Civic Engagement

California State Seal of Civic Engagement


What is the State Seal of Civic Engagement?

The California State Seal of Civic Engagement, marked by a gold  seal on the transcript of diploma, recognizes high school graduates who have demonstrated excellence in civic engagement by working towards and advocating for meaningful solutions to a community or social problem; quality reflection of student activities and growth; and have peer and mentor testimony of relevant student civic activities.

Why is it important?

The SSCE is an opportunity to enable all students, particularly those from marginalized communities, to have relevant, rigorous, and engaging learning opportunities. Such opportunities would enable students to understand that each student matters and belongs in our democratic society and that they have the right and responsibility to use their learning and their skills to make the world, and their community, a better place.

What do students get?

  • Get a special seal from the CA Dept of Education: 
    • on your high school diploma (as a senior)
    • on your high school transcripts (as a junior)
  • Get certificate from the district
  • Get medal for graduation
  • Get recognized at SCUSD board meeting
  • Can put on your college application

How is it achieved?

To qualify for the Seal of Civic Engagement, SCUSD juniors and seniors need to meet the following requirements

  • Passing grades
  • C or better in at least two history/social science courses

 Completed Civic Engagement Project/activities where you have…

  • Identified a meaningful issue that you want to address and/or fix
  • Built awareness of the issue, discussed ideas with others, and advocated for effective solutions
  • Taken action to engage with key decision makers to address the problem
  • Reflected on how your have grown, what impact you had, and how you could improve in a Student Reflection (written essay, interview/conversation, video, or presentation)
  • Letter of recommendation from a peer and your mentor