Susan B. Anthony Hmong Dual Language Program
Grades K-6

School Program Susan B. Anthony Hmong Immersion Program

Susan B. Anthony Elementary School offers the first Hmong Dual Language Program in California.  The program offers an enriching and engaging learning environment where students are taught literacy and content in Hmong and English.

The goals of the program are:

  • Proficiency in English
  • Proficiency in Hmong Der and Hmong Leng languages
  • Academic achievement
  • Intercultural competence

The program is set to begin with one kindergarten and one first grade classroom.  In kindergarten the 90/10 model will be implemented.  Students will be taught in Hmong 90% of the time and English will be taught 10% of the time.  In first grade, students will be taught 80% in Hmong and 20% in English.  Each subsequent year English instruction will increase and Hmong instruction will decrease until the instruction ratio is 50% Hmong and 50% English at fifth grade.

The development of a student’s bilingual and biliteracy skills build self-confidence.  Through the Hmong dual language program, students will build stronger connections to parents, grandparents and the larger Hmong community.