Credit Recovery Online Classes

District Program Sacramento Accelerated Academy

Sacramento Accelerated Academy (SAA) is the district’s online credit recovery program and is housed on the Enrollment Center campus.  SAA students work on coursework in a computer lab setting and have the assistance of teachers who are on-site as well as online teachers whom they can access remotely via the internet.  SAA currently is comprised of four computer labs of 30 seats each.  The school follows a morning and afternoon schedule allowing for an enrollment of 240 students at any one time.

In order to meet students’ specific needs, teachers carefully review transcripts and create individualized learning plans (ILP’s) for each student.  Students are then enrolled in online classes where they are expected to work at a pace that is accelerated relative to the course completion rate of the district’s comprehensive high schools. The online courses are hosted by an outside vendor who delivers courses that are California state standards aligned while using highly-qualified, California credentialed teachers.  The online program utilizes a variety of teaching methods and styles that appeal to a broad spectrum of learning styles and language barriers that many SAA students are faced.