Statement from the Sacramento City Unified School Board on Upcoming School Year and Negotiations with SCTA

Press release

Sacramento, CA – The Sacramento City Unified School District Board today issued the following statement about the upcoming school year and negotiations with the Sacramento City Teachers Association (SCTA):

“There is no doubt that COVID-19 has impacted student learning and well-being for the last two years, and our more than 40,000 students now have the opportunity to return to full-time, in-person learning with teachers and peers at their school site. District staff has worked hard to make sure school sites are ready to welcome students and staff following the Sac City Unified’s Return Together plan. The plan meets health and safety protocols recommended by federal, state and local health officials to provide the safest school environment for all on September 2nd.

“Our Board also recognizes that the well-being of all students is even more important this year and the District’s responsibility to meet students’ academic, and social-emotional learning needs. We know that schools are safe havens for our students, and many depend on them for meals and other critical services that support their academic learning as well as their physical and mental health. During the pandemic, we learned that when our schools were closed, critical services like educating students and caring for their social, emotional and nutritional needs are interrupted. We remain especially mindful of our vulnerable student population as more than 70 percent of our students are classified as low income, English Learners, foster youth or experiencing homelessness.

“In addition, for the 2021-22 school year, state law requires districts to offer an independent study program for students who may not be able or ready to return to in-person instruction. The District developed a data-informed plan to offer a strong independent study program for the 1,394 families who have expressed interest in this option. The plan included specified minimum number of minutes of live instruction and a consistent schedule for interaction between students and teachers. We believe this plan would most benefit our students in their learning and best prepare them to return to their classroom when they choose to do so. The approach to independent study proposed by the District did not result in an agreement with SCTA so the District will offer an independent study program that meets the minimal state requirements under AB 130. The District’s negotiations team will meet with SCTA on Monday to discuss any negotiable effects stemming from following AB130.

“Throughout the school year ahead, we ask our entire district community for grace and patience as we return to in-person learning. We look forward to welcoming our students, teachers, and staff back to our school sites on September 2nd.”

The Sac City Unified School District issued a Return Together update today about the start of the new school year. Please read it here.