Sac City Unified Proposes New Teacher Contract and Round the Clock Negotiations to Resolve Labor Dispute and Reduce Budget Deficit
District seeks to resolve matters before school year starts so that students and families will not be impacted and distracted by negotiations

Press release

SACRAMENTO, CA – Seeking to reach an agreement with the Sacramento City Teachers Association (SCTA) before the start of the school year, the Sacramento City Unified School District has submitted a proposal to SCTA leaders and requested round the clock negotiations. The proposal would set ground rules for engaging in good faith negotiations, limit the District’s contribution to health insurance premiums, and establish an earlier school year start date.

Click here to read the District’s letter to SCTA leaders.

“With the first day of school less than a month away, our students and families are counting on us to work together with SCTA’s leaders to resolve our labor dispute and avoid any further distractions that take us away from meeting the needs of our students,” said Board President Jessie Ryan. “Many parents and community members have repeatedly called for round the clock negotiations and the Board agrees that our students deserve nothing less.”

The SCTA’s contract expired on June 30, 2019. Since November 2018 the District has requested SCTA leaders to start negotiations on a new agreement and is proposing the following:

“Our bargaining team stands ready to meet with SCTA leaders to reach an agreement that allows for increased opportunities for students, is fair to our educators, addresses our fiscal challenges and prepares for future economic downturns,” said Superintendent Jorge Aguilar. “We look forward to SCTA leaders’ feedback on our proposal.”