Sac City Schools Will Be Closed Friday, November 16th

UPDATE 11/16 @ 7:45 A.M.: Air quality levels are hazardous in Sacramento. Please keep your children indoors. Click here to view a resource we have created that helps explain how to read outdoor air quality levels and when it is healthy enough to go outside again.

Thursday, November 15th Press Release:

The health and safety of our students and employees continues to be a serious concern as we monitor air quality conditions and maintain close communication with the Sacramento Metro Air Quality Management District and Sacramento County Public Health. Unfortunately, this afternoon air quality has continued to worsen, not improve.
Schools remained open today to provide our students with a safe and healthy learning environment under manageable conditions. However, after assessing the current situation at our schools and receiving guidance from the Sacramento Metro Air Quality District and the Sacramento Public Health Officer, we have determined it would be best to cancel all classes and close schools tomorrow. 

A combination of the following factors led to the decision to close schools:
•       Air quality has begun to reach near hazardous levels this afternoon, with no indication that it will improve tomorrow;
•       Our Superintendent and Members of our Board of Education toured some of our older facilities today and determined the age of our buildings and HVAC systems will make it more difficult to keep smoke out of classrooms as the air quality worsens leading into tomorrow.

We deeply apologize to any families who will now have to find last minute child care and meal arrangements. However, the potential health risks for tomorrow outweigh the need for our students to be in school. Please make sure to continue limiting your child’s outdoor activities until air quality levels return to normal. Children should remain indoors as much as possible until further notice.
As a reminder, our schools will be closed next week for the Thanksgiving break. We look forward to seeing you back in class on Monday, November 26th. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this situation and for the opportunity to continue serving you and your family.