LCAP Priority Data

Post LCFF/LCAP Resources Page

In order to inform community discussions about the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) in SCUSD and at individual school sites, below are links to all “Required Data” (per the Legislative Analyst’s Office) associated with each Priority laid out in the LCAP by the State of California.

NOTE: Additional data will continue to be added to this page throughout the LCAP process.

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Priority 1: Student Achievement

Priority 2: Student Engagement

Priority 3: Other Student Outcomes

  • Other indicators of student performance in required areas of study. May include performance on other exams
  • SAT
  • ACT

Additional resource for SAT, PSAT, AP and ACT data

Priority 4: School Climate

  • Student suspension rates
  • Student expulsion rates

Priority 5: Parental Involvement

  • Efforts to see parent input
  • Promotion of parental participation

Resources for both: Leadership Academy & School, Family and Community Partnerships Department

Priority 6: Basic Services

  • Rate of teacher misassignment
  • Student access to standards aligned instructional materials
  • Facilities in good repair

Priority 7: Implementation of Common Core Standards

Priority 8: Course Access

Additional Data Sources