Infinite Campus Annual Update Instructions
October 2023


Please note that the Annual Update can only be submitted once. If any changes or updates are required for your Annual Update form, please call the Enrollment Center at (916) 643-2400 for assistance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Step One: Log In

Log in to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account

If you do not have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account, request an activation key from your student’s school office to create an account.

Step Two: Navigate to the Annual Update Form

Once you have successfully logged into your Parent Portal account, click the Annual Update button on the bottom, right side. 

On the next screen, click Start next to the 2023-2024 Annual Update Existing Student form. 

On the following screen, check that your student(s) information is listed correctly and then click the Begin Annual Update button.

Step Three: Start the Annual Update Form

A new browser window will open. Follow the prompts to launch the form.

Please pick your preferred language at the top of the page.

The next screen will require you to type and sign your name.

Click Begin to start reviewing your household’s information.

Step Four: Review your Household Information

The Annual Update will walk you through four steps of information to review: 

  • Student(s) Primary Household – home phone, home address and mailing address. If you need to make a change to an address you must upload verification documentation. 
  • Legal Parent/Guardian – contact information for legal guardians in the household.
  • Emergency Contact – contact information for your emergency contacts. You have the ability to add up to four contacts that are not the parent/guardians.  
  • Student – demographics, contact relationships, health services, and release agreements.

Reviewing your Household Information

As you review information, you may find information that is highlighted yellow. This indicates that required information needs to be updated. Click the Edit/Review button(s) to go through the information needed for each person.

There also may be some required fields that are blank that need to be filled in. This may be that the field was not required when you registered your student(s). Please update or complete all fields marked with a red asterisk as they are mandatory.

Move Through the Steps to Complete the Form

After reviewing each section, make any changes necessary and then click Save/Continue to move to the next section until you reach the end of the page. Then click Save/Continue to move to the next step until you finish all four.

When you are finished reviewing all the steps, click the Submit button.

You will receive a confirmation screen with a link to the Application Summary for you to download.

You can also go back to your Parent Portal home page and click the Annual Update button again to see the form is complete. 

If any changes or updates are required for your Annual Update form after submission, please call the Enrollment Center at (916) 643-2400 for assistance.

Annual Update Approval

Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Forms with updated address and/or contact information may take up to 7-10 business days to be verified.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Enrollment Center at (916) 643-2400.