2021 SCTA Successor Contract Negotiations


PERB Determination Finding SCTA’s Action Unlawful

6.9.2021 PERB determination finding SCTA violated the law for refusing to negotiate with SCUSD on successor contract

PERB found that SCTA failed to negotiate in good faith with the District over a successor contract for over a year and failed to respond to the District’s proposals which unreasonably delayed negotiations and thwarted the possibility of reaching an agreement.  


Overview of Sac City Unified Proposals

Negotiations Update (Background and data as of 3/3/2020)


SCUSD Unfair Practice Charge Against SCTA – 3.11.2019

Negotiations Dashboard – Successor Contract 

Date Document Link
10/13/2021 District Proposals to SCTA

Proposed Tentative Agreement

Proposal on Article 5

Proposal on Article 12 – Date Corrected – Updated 10/22/2021

Proposal on Article 13

Proposal on Article 26

8/25/2021 SCTA Proposal Proposal to extend 2016-2019 Contract with 3.5% across-the-board increase
8/11/2021 Letter to SCTA from Board of Education Letter to David Fisher on Negotiations Team
7/27/2021 SCTA Proposal to District  Proposal to District on Ground Rules
7/23/2021 Letter to SCTA Letter to David Fisher on 2021 Negotiations Conduct and Ground Rules 
7/20/2021 District Proposals to SCTA

Proposal to SCTA on Article 6 - Evaluation and Appendix A

Proposed Appendix A Redlines 

7/20/2021 District Responses to SCTA proposals

Response to Article 1- Recognition

Response to Article 5 - Hours of Employment

Response to Article 7 - Assignments

Response to Article 8 – Vacancies and Transfers

Response to Article 11 - Safety Conditions

Response to Article 13 - Employee Benefits

Response to Article 17 - Class Size

Response to Article 18 - Organizational Rights

Response to Article 26 - Duration

6/28/2021 Letter to SCTA Letter to John Borsos on Authority to Sign and Bargaining Schedule 
6/23/2021 District Response to Proposals

District Rejects SCTA Revised Proposal “Article on Whole Child”

District Response to SCTA Proposal on Article 4

6/23/2021 SCTA Counterproposal to District

Counterproposal on Article 8 – Vacancies and Transfers



SCTA   Counterproposal to District 

Counterproposal on Article 1

Counterproposal on Article 18 – Organization Rights 

6/17/2021 Letter from the District to SCTA Letter from Superintendent Aguilar to David Fisher on Successor Contract Negotiations
6/17/2021 Letter from SCTA to District Letter from David Fisher, Niki Milevsky, and John Borsos to Superintendent Aguilar and President Pritchett 
6/9/2021 PERB Finding PERB finding that SCTA refused to negotiate
6/8/2021 Proposal from SCTA to the District

SCTA Framework for Reopening in 2021-22

Proposal on Article 4. Grievance Procedures

Proposal on Article 5. Hours of Work

Proposal on Article 7. Assignments

Proposal on Article 17. Class Sizes

5/12/2021 Proposal from SCTA to the District

Proposed Preamble

Counterproposal on Article 11. Safety Conditions

Counterproposal on Article 13. Health Plan 

Proposal on Compensation

Proposal on Article 26. Duration

Proposal on Whole Child 

Restorative Practices Proposal