Title Typesort icon Attachment
Coordinator II, Human Resource Services Change Management Coordinator NRM
Coordinator II, Risk and Disability Management NRM
Manager II, Accounting Services NRM
Assistant Superintendent, Special Education, Innovation, and Learningntendent, Curriculum and Instruction NRM
Manager II, Community Engagement NRM
Director III, Professional Learning, Literacy, ELA and Humanities NRM
Coordinator II, Research and Data NRM
Coordinator I, Learning Support Services NRM
Director III, Multilingual Education, Teaching and Learning NRM
Director II, Innovative Schools NRM
Deputy Chief of Academics NRM
Coordinator II, Change Management Trainer/ Coordinator NRM
In-House Counsel NRM
Coordinator III, Attendance, Dropout Prevention, and Recovery NRM
Director III, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) NRM
Specialist III, Youth Development NRM
Director III, Professional Learning, Mathematics and Sciences NRM
Director III, Summer School and Extended Learning Opportunities NRM
Manager I, Nutrition Services Procurement & Warehouse NRM
Director III, Child Development NRM
Coordinator II, Program Evaluation NRM
Assistant Director, Nutrition Services NRM
Director I, Executive Community NRM
Director II, Constituent Services NRM
Coordinator III, Adult Education NRM
Manager II, Environmental Sustainability NRM
Assistant Superintendent, Labor Relations NRM
Specialist II, Student Support Services NRM
Director III, Accounting Services NRM
Assistant Superintendent, Early Learning and Care NRM
Director III, Guidance and Counseling NRM
Executive Director, Nutrition Services, Central Kitchen, and Distribution Services NRM
Instructional Assistant Superintendent NRM
Specialist III, Attendance and Enrollment NRM
Manager III, Facilities Project Manager NRM
Manager II, Purchasing Services NRM
Director III, Student Services/Alternative Education NRM
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources NRM
Director III, Student and Data Systems NRM
Coordinator II, Library and Media Services NRM
Associate In-House Counsel, Labor Negotiations NRM
Coordinator III, GATE and AP Programs NRM
Director II, Capital Projects, Facilities, and Resource Management NRM
Manager II, Facilities Planning NRM
Human Resource Services Technology Analyst, CARES Act CONF
Legal Services/Safe Schools Specialist CONF
Recruitment and Retention Specialist, CARES Act CONF
Contract Analyst CONF
Administrative Assistant (Education-Special Education) CONF
Office Assistant, Fiscal Services CONF