Title Typesort icon Attachment
Chief Communications Officer SUP-CAB
Chief Continuous Improvement and Accountability Officer SUP-CAB
Deputy Superintendent SUP-CAB
Chief Academic Officer SUP-CAB
Chief Business and Operations Officer SUP-CAB
Chief Human Resource Services Officer SUP-CAB
Supervisor IV, Carpenter TCS
Supervisor IV, Industrial Food Production Equipment Contractor TCS
Supervisor IV, Electronics TCS
Supervisor IV, HVAC and Refrigeration TCS
Supervisor IV, Vehicle Maintenance TCS
Supervisor IV, Plumber (Plumber Foreman/Assistant Plumber Foreman) TCS
Supervisor IV, Painter TCS
Supervisor IV, Facilities Maintenance Glazier TCS
Supervisor I, Warehouse (Supervisor, Warehouse Section) TCS
Supervisor IV, District Grounds TCS
Transportation Fleet Specialist TCS
Multi-Site Supervisor TCS
School Plant Operations Manager I TEAM
Facility Operations Specialist, Serna Center TEAM
School Plant Operations Manager II and III TEAM
Principal, Superintendent's Priority Schools (Elementary, K-8, Middle, High) UPE
Coordinator II, Student Support Services UPE
Principal, High School UPE
Assistant Principal, Elementary School UPE
Coordinator II, Speech Pathologist UPE
Site Instruction Coordinator UPE
Principal, Elementary School UPE
Coordinator III, Social Emotional Learning UPE
Coordinator II, State and Federal Programs UPE
Coordinator II, Curriculum & Instruction - History- Social Science UPE
Coordinator III, Instructional Technology UPE
Specialist, Research UPE
Coordinator II, 504 & Educational Supports, CARES Act UPE
Director I, Behavior and Re-Entry UPE
Coordinator I, Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) UPE
Coordinator, Child Development Programs UPE
Assistant Principal, Superintendent's Priority Schools (Elementary, K-8, Middle, High) UPE
Principal, Middle School UPE
Assistant Principal, Middle School UPE
Coordinator II, New Teacher Induction Services UPE
Principal, Independent Study School UPE
Assistant Principal, High School UPE
Coordinator II, Linked Learning UPE
Director II, Career Readiness & Master Scheduling UPE
Dean, Secondary UPE
Principal, New Innovative Small High School UPE
Coordinator III, Curriculum & Instruction - Science UPE
Principal, Continuation High School UPE
Coordinator II, School Psychologist UPE