Titlesort icon Type Attachment
Deputy Chief of Academics NRM
Department Chairperson SCTA
Delegated Behind-the-Wheel Trainer SEIU
Dean, Secondary UPE
Customer Service Specialist SEIU
Custodian SEIU
Counselor, English Language Learner SCTA
Counselor SCTA
Coordinator, Child Development Programs UPE
Coordinator III, Youth Development NRM
Coordinator III, Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) UPE
Coordinator III, Instructional Technology UPE
Coordinator III, Improvement Data Analyst NRM
Coordinator III, GATE and AP Programs NRM
Coordinator III, District Athletics UPE
Coordinator III, Database Administrator NRM
Coordinator III, Curriculum & Instruction - Science UPE
Coordinator III, Culture and Climate UPE
Coordinator III, Attendance, Dropout Prevention, and Recovery NRM
Coordinator III, Assessment and Evaluation NRM
Coordinator III, Adult Education NRM
Coordinator III, Business Systems Administrator NRM
Coordinator II, Work-Based Learning NRM
Coordinator II, Student Support Services UPE
Coordinator II, Student Information Systems NRM
Coordinator II, State and Federal Programs UPE
Coordinator II, Risk and Disability Management NRM
Coordinator II, Research and Data NRM
Coordinator II, Regional Occupational Program NRM
Coordinator II, Program Evaluation NRM
Coordinator II, New Teacher Induction Services UPE
Coordinator II, Multilingual Literacy UPE
Coordinator II, Linked Learning UPE
Coordinator II, Library and Media Services NRM
Coordinator II, Internal Auditor NRM
Coordinator II, Human Resource Services Change Management Coordinator NRM
Coordinator II, Health Services NRM
Coordinator II, Foster Youth Services NRM
Coordinator II, Curriculum & Instruction - History- Social Science UPE
Coordinator II, College and Career Experience NRM
Coordinator II, Change Management Trainer/ Coordinator NRM
Coordinator II, 504 & Educational Supports, CARES Act UPE
Coordinator I, Safety Intervention and Response NRM
Coordinator I, Mental Health NRM
Coordinator I, Learning Support Services NRM
Controller-Bookkeeper, High School SEIU
Controller-Bookkeeper, Adult Education SEIU
Contract Analyst CONF
Construction/Bond Accounting Specialist SEIU
Community Schools Specialist SCTA