Titlesort icon Type Attachment
Emergency Replacement Teacher TEMP
Electronics Technician SEIU
Electronics Assistant Supervisor SEIU
Electrician Assistant Supervisor SEIU
Electrician SEIU
Educational Audiologist SCTA
Educational Assistant (Career Lattice) SEIU
Education Entrepreneur SEIU
Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Education Specialist SCTA
Division Budget Technician SEIU
District Librarian SCTA
Disability & Risk Management Specialist CONF
Director III, Youth Development NRM
Director III, Student Support and Health Services NRM
Director III, Strategy and Innovation NRM
Director III, Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) NRM
Director III, School Improvement, Innovation and Development NRM
Director III, Professional Learning NRM
Director III, Multilingual Education, Teaching and Learning NRM
Director III, Integrated Health and Support Services NRM
Director III, Facilities Management, Maintenance and Operations, and Resource Management NRM
Director III, Enrollment Center NRM
Director III, Distribution Services NRM
Director III, College & Career Readiness NRM
Director III, Child Development NRM
Director III, Analytics NRM
Director III, Adult Education NRM
Director III, Accounting Services NRM
Director II, Student Services/Alternative Education NRM
Director II, Student and Data Systems NRM
Director II, Social and Emotional Learning NRM
Director II, Office of Safe Schools NRM
Director II, Nutrition Services NRM
Director II, Integrated Support Services NRM
Director II, Innovative Schools NRM
Director II, Human Resource Services NRM
Director II, Employee Relations NRM
Director II, Compensation and Benefits NRM
Director II, Career Readiness & Master Scheduling UPE
Director I, Transportation Services NRM
Director I, Student Support, CARES Act UPE
Director I, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) NRM
Director I, Health Services NRM
Director I, Federal and State Programs NRM
Director I, Executive Community NRM
Director I, Construction Services NRM
Director I, Capital Projects, Facilities, and Resource Management NRM
Director I, Behavior and Re-Entry UPE
Diagnostic Teacher, Special Education SCTA
Deputy Superintendent SUP-CAB