Titlesort icon Type Attachment
Manager III, Adult Education NRM
Manager II, Purchasing Services NRM
Manager II, Policy and Governance for the Board of Education NRM
Manager II, Nutrition Program NRM
Manager II, Matriculation and Orientation Center NRM
Manager II, GIS/Facilities NRM
Manager II, District Operations and Security Services NRM
Manager II, Community Engagement NRM
Manager II, Communications Officer NRM
Manager I, Nutrition Services Procurement & Warehouse NRM
Manager I, Facilities Maintenance NRM
Manager I, Central Kitchen NRM
Management Information Technician SEIU
Maintenance and Grounds Assistant Supervisor SEIU
Locksmith SEIU
Linked Learning/Career Technical Preparation Program Technician SEIU
Linked Learning Specialist SEIU
Library/Textbook Services Technician SEIU
Library/Textbook Acquisitions Technician SEIU
Library Services Applications Specialist SEIU
Library Media Technical Assistant SEIU
Librarian SCTA
Lead Transportation Dispatcher SEIU
Lead School Nurse SCTA
Lead Payroll Technician SEIU
Lead Fire Alarm Technician SEIU
Lead Accounts Payable Technician SEIU
Language, Speech and Hearing Specialist SCTA
Laborer-Gardener, High School SEIU
Laborer-Gardener Assistant Supervisor SEIU
Laborer-Gardener SEIU
Laborer Assistant Supervisor SEIU
Laboratory Assistant, Vocational Adult Education SEIU
K-12 Project Manager NRM
Job Developer, Employment Service SEIU
Itinerant Teacher, Remedial Physical Education SCTA
Interpreter for the Deaf (Career Lattice) SEIU
Internship Specialist SEIU
Instructional Assistant Superintendent, School Improvement Grant NRM
Instructional Assistant Superintendent NRM
Instructional Aide, Special Education (Career Lattice) SEIU
Instructional Aide, Computer Lab Assistant (Career Lattice) SEIU
Instructional Aide, Child Development (Career Lattice) SEIU
Instructional Aide (D/HOH) (Career Lattice) SEIU
Instructional Aide (Career Lattice) SEIU
In-House Counsel NRM
IEP Designated Instructional Paraprofessional-Special Education (Career Lattice) SEIU
HVAC Technician SEIU
Human Resource Services/Labor Relations Assistant CONF
Human Resource Services Analyst CONF