Titlesort icon Type Attachment
Site Computer Support Technician I SEIU
Site Computer Support Technician II SEIU
Site Computer Support Technician III SEIU
Site Instruction Coordinator UPE
Special Class Teacher, SOL-Aphasic SCTA
Special Education Applications Specialist SEIU
Special Education Legal Technician SEIU
Special Education Program Technician SEIU
Specialist I, Marketing and Graphic Design NRM
Specialist II, Bullying Prevention NRM
Specialist II, District Facility Operations NRM
Specialist II, District Grounds Maintenance NRM
Specialist II, Mental Health NRM
Specialist II, Student Support Services NRM
Specialist III, Attendance and Enrollment NRM
Specialist III, Cyber Security Specialist NRM
Specialist III, Youth Development NRM
Specialist, Research UPE
Specialty Programs and Advanced Learning Specialist SEIU
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant SEIU
Sprinkler Fitter/Plumber Assistant SEIU
State and Federal Accounting Technician SEIU
Student and Family Support Specialist SEIU
Student Outreach Worker SEIU
Superintendent SUP-CAB
Supervisor I, Chef/Trainer NRS
Supervisor I, Floor Supervisor, Central Kitchen NRS
Supervisor I, Food Services - Area NRS
Supervisor I, Safety Officer NRS
Supervisor I, School, Family, and Community Partnerships NRS
Supervisor II, Adult Education NRS
Supervisor II, Child Development Registration NRS
Supervisor II, Nutrition Services Personnel NRS
Supervisor III, Student Services NRS
Supervisor IV, Carpenter TCS
Supervisor IV, District Grounds TCS
Supervisor IV, Electronics TCS
Supervisor IV, Facilities Maintenance Glazier TCS
Supervisor IV, HVAC and Refrigeration TCS
Supervisor IV, Industrial Food Production Equipment Contractor TCS
Supervisor IV, Nutrition NRS
Supervisor IV, Painter TCS
Supervisor IV, Plumber (Plumber Foreman/Assistant Plumber Foreman) TCS
Supervisor IV, Vehicle Maintenance TCS
Supervisor IV, Warehouse TCS
Swimming Pool Custodian SEIU
Teacher SCTA
Teacher Assistant Bilingual (Career Lattice) SEIU
Teacher Assistant Bilingual/Computer Lab Assistant (Career Lattice) SEIU
Teacher, Parent-Preschool Education SCTA