November 2014 ELA Common Core Teacher Workshop
Session 1

Common Core Workshop

Materials and resources can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate segment below.

Whole Group Materials

Morning Whole Group Session with Vanessa Girard

Afternoon Whole Group Session with Iris Taylor and Denise Leograndis


Elementary and K-8 Leadership Sessions

Please note each workshop has a set of materials accessed by clicking a section below. 

Arts-Integration for the K-8 Classroom with Gayle Carrick

Formative Assessment in Core Ready by Pam Allyn with Denise Leograndis

The New ELD with Vanessa Girard

MacBook Air Time for ELA/ELD Learning with “Apple Guy” Bryan

Differentiated Instruction with Linda, Courtney, and Melissa

Secondary Leadership Sessions


Arts-Integration for the Secondary Classroom, 7-12 with Gayle Carrick

MacBook Airs Applications to Support Literacy Development

Differentiation – Strategies to support ALL Learners, grades 7-12 with Linda, Courtney, and Melissa

Leading Teaching and Learning with Iris Taylor

Who’s supposed to teach ELD? with Vanessa Girard

Structures and Protocols for Academic Conversation