Micro Website Registration Form


Please fill out the following information for your new SCUSD Micro Website. Once submitted, it can take up to two weeks for our web developers to create and brand your website.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Starace at (916) 643-7421 or at andrea-starace@scusd.edu.

All * fields are mandatory.

Micro Website Template Choice

Download template choices

Please choose one of the three micro templates for your home page. Each one has a slightly different design.

In order to customize the template for your site, please provide us:

  • Website Slogan – your tag line. 
  • Website Description – a short paragraph about the website for search engine results.
  • Logo/ Mascot Image or banner with the following dimensions 980×135px (for Template 1 or 2)
  • Photo that we will fade or banner with the following dimensions 920×220px (for Template 3)
  • Primary and Secondary Color Choices
  • Facebook Page and/or Twitter Account (Optional)
School Information

A brief tagline for your website. (e.g. Leadership in health policy and advocacy.) It can only be 66 characters long.

The description of this site, for search engine result pages. It can only be 150 characters long.

The email address you want to receive questions from the website.

Upload a site logo or mascot file to use with the template design 1 or 2.

Upload a photo or banner to use with template 3.

Web Adminstrator Contacts

Please fill out all the information for two web contacts for the micro website below. 

Primary Web Administrator

The Primary Web Administrator is responsible for all template decisions and will be the primary contact for this project.

Example: 916-643-7400
Secondary Web Administrator

The Secondary Web Administrator will be the secondary contact for this project.

Example: 916-643-7400