Research Practice Forum

Research Practice Forum


May 10 – 11, 2018

Serna Center
5735 47th Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95824

Building on partnerships with institutions of higher education, SCUSD will host this research practice forum with academic, clinical, and technical experts from institutions of higher education and other research-based entities and experts. Our goal is to create unique longterm partnerships that align researchers and practitioners in “colleagueships of expertise” to address the key areas of focus listed below.  The forum will begin at 3PM on May 10th and will end by 3PM on May 11th.

Key Areas of Focus
  • Third Grade Readiness (literacy and numeracy)
  • English Learner Redesignation
  • Middle and High School Readiness based on Early Warning System Research (e.g. Attendance, Behavior, and Course Grades)
  • Graduation Rate
  • A-G completion
  • College-Going Culture