New CALPADS Data Requirement for Graduation Data
High School

Principal Bulletin Informational

Pursuant to Senate Bill 532 (Chapter 918, Statutes of 2022), beginning with students graduating in the 2023−24 school year, LEAs will be required to confirm whether graduating high school students completed all state graduation requirements for a standard high school diploma but were exempt from local graduation requirements.

Specifically, LEAs must populate on the Student Enrollment the Graduation Exemption Indicator with a “Y” or “N” for all students exiting with Student Exit Category code, E230 – CompleterExit, and School Completion Status 100 – Graduated, Standard HS Diploma.

LEAs must properly populate the Graduation Exemption Indicator for all students exiting on or after July 1, 2023 with an E230/100. 

In collaboration with the College & Career Readiness Department, Technology Services developed a new procedure as part of the End of Year CALPADS submission.

The attached document provides more information.