Implementing the SCUSD School Wellness Policy
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

With the return to in-person learning through the COVID pandemic, we have all learned the importance of addressing health and safety – including healthy eating and healthy activity.  SCUSD passed the Wellness Board Policy 5030, which is an important tool for promoting student wellness, preventing and reducing childhood obesity, and assuring that school meal nutrition guidelines meet the minimum federal school meals standards. The policy contains goals specifically for nutrition promotion and education, physical activity, and other school based activities that promote student wellness.

The policy regulates some of these common practices at school sites:

  • Food sales on campus – including fundraisers
    • Food sold or served through the school day (including expanded learning)
  • Classroom celebrations
    • Schools can promote a positive learning environment by shifting the focus from food during classroom celebrations, and striving to have non-food celebrations or healthy non- allergenic food. Food served during a celebration must be compliant with Competitive Foods regulations.
  • Reward and Punishment using food or physical activity 
    • Sacramento City Unified School District employees, parent organizations and outside organizations shall not use any food or beverages as a reward, incentive, or punishment for academic performance or good behavior, nor withhold food or beverages including, food served through school meals, as punishment. 
    • Physical activity during the school day and in expanded learning programs (including but not limited to recess, physical activity breaks, or physical education) will not be withheld or used as punishment

For more information check out the Wellness Policy website at and the attached resources.  

The Wellness Policy Committee is meeting on the following dates and times and welcomes new members!

April 12 @ the Serna Center from 4-5pm 

May 3rd @ the Serna Center from 4-5pm




How the Student Wellness Policy Affects School Activities