Changes to Home Hospital Instruction Enrollment
All Grades

Principal Bulletin Informational

Effective this school year 2023/24 Home Hospital Instruction will no longer be housed at Capital City.

Students will remain at their current school of enrollment:

  • The general education enrollment will end
  • A new HH enrollment will be created (with a different Attendance Funding Category: 18). 
  • Students will return to general education enrollment (10: Regular Day) when they are able (End HH enrollment; create new enrollment)

Office managers were trained in August on this new process and provided training resources. 

A new flag named “Home Hospital Instruction” will be added to identify students while in the HHI program.

New attendance codes will be created

  • HHC – Home Hospital Complete
  • HHI – Home Hospital Incomplete

Students on HHI will remain scheduled in their regular courses, if they are able to continue normal course workload. A HHI teacher will be assigned to the needed sites/sections of courses to monitor coursework.

For more information and the formal training, see the attached google slides.

Home Hospital Instruction Updates