Statement from the Sacramento City Unified School Board Regarding Racist Incident at C.K. McClatchy

Press release

Sacramento, CA - The Sacramento City Unified School District Board has issued the following statement following the discovery of racist graffiti at C.K. McClatchy High School.
“The racist graffiti that was discovered at C.K. McClatchy High School is abhorrent,” said Sacramento City Unified Board President Christina Pritchett. “The Sac City Unified Board stands united against racism and fully supports efforts to make all our schools safe anti-racist places of learning and support for all. This incident will be thoroughly investigated so appropriate action can be taken.” 
“There is no room for hate at Sac City Unified,” said Sac City Unified School Board Member Lisa Murawksi. “This racist graffiti is not a joke, it is not excusable, and it will not be tolerated. It is most insulting to our Black and African American students and community members but It degrades and insults our entire community and sends waves of harm, trauma, and disgust throughout the halls of C.K. McClatchy that should instead be full of laughter, learning, and connection. Whoever did this should be ashamed and should face consequences and disciplinary action to the fullest extent of law and policy.” 
“We care deeply about the well-being of our students and staff who may have been impacted by this racist act,” Board President Pritchett added. “We are glad that the district is providing support for students and staff to help them deal with the trauma of experiencing racism at school.” 
Sac City Unified is investigating and working to address instances of racism that have occurred at several school sites. 
Last fall Sac City Unified initiated an investigation after racist graffiti and social media messages targeted a staff member at West Campus High School. The district is conducting a thorough investigation in an effort to bring accountability to anyone involved. The Sacramento Police Department is also investigating this incident as a hate crime. To help students and staff heal from this traumatic event, district staff and school site leaders have provided support through meetings with student and staff groups, healing circles, and a school-wide assembly. 
Following a separate investigation, Sac City Unified recently moved to dismiss a teacher who was found to have used racial epithets during a classroom lecture last year at Kit Carson International Academy.
Sac City Unified’s Board and Superintendent Jorge Aguilar have led efforts to adopt and implement equity-focused policies and practices across the district which serves a majority of historically underserved students of color, and the district has proactively initiated a number of initiatives to confront racism, improve equity, and make schools more inclusive and supportive for all students. 
The district has tapped Mark T. Harris, an attorney and long-time Sacramento community member with extensive expertise in social justice and civil rights matters, to advise the district on addressing racist incidents that are currently under investigation, and to support the district’s efforts to address racism and improve equity and inclusion for all.
Sac City Unified has also implemented mandatory anti-racism training for all staff and district leaders. Sac City Unified negotiated a day of anti-racism mandatory training for all teachers as part of professional development at the start of the school year. School site leaders, the district’s leadership team, and the Sac City Unified School Board members have participated in the same anti-racism training.
The district has adjusted staffing and resources to support alternative district safety programs that focus on improving school climate so that every school is more inclusive, supportive, culturally competent, and equitable for all students and staff, including Black students and other students of color, students with disabilities, English Learners, foster youth, homeless youth, and LGBTQ+ youth.
Classroom libraries throughout the district are being updated with high-quality antiracist and culturally responsive materials, including culturally relevant books that reflect the lived experiences of our students, and bringing in living-history speakers that can speak to justice and equity in action.
The district’s Men’s and Women’s Leadership Academies are being expanded to empower students of color with wraparound services that promote Social Emotional Learning, culturally relevant and responsive leadership development, meaningful mentorship, and academic support that engages students.
Through implementation of a Multi-Tiered System of Support, or MTSS, Sac City Unified is working to provide every student with specific academic, behavioral, social-emotional, and mental and physical health supports to meet their individual needs, so that all students can remain fully engaged in school and access core instruction.
The district has also adopted an innovative “equity index” to guide Measure H school bond investments that seeks to repair historical underinvestment and improve school facilities in certain neighborhoods in Sacramento.