Sacramento City Unified Provides Update on Kit Carson International Academy Investigation

Press release

Sacramento, CA - The Sacramento City Unified School District has ended its employment relationship with a teacher who used racist language in a classroom at Kit Carson International Academy last June. The district quickly removed the teacher from the classroom following the incident, and the teacher was placed on administrative leave during an investigation about the matter.  

The investigation determined that the teacher used racist language during a lesson and continued to use it during the investigative process. The teacher chose to resign, effective April 30, rather than move forward with termination proceedings.

“By taking swift and aggressive action in this case Sac City Unified sent a clear message that racist language by district employees will be addressed,” said SCUSD Board of Education President Christina Pritchett.

“To prevent incidents involving racism and to make our schools more supportive and welcoming to all, the district has implemented mandatory anti-racism training for all staff,” said SCUSD Superintendent Jorge A. Aguilar. “But the work cannot end there. We must continue to confront and interrupt racism so our schools can stay focused on creating equitable learning opportunities for all students.”

In January, SCUSD enlisted the assistance of civil rights attorney Mark T. Harris to consult on district investigations and ensure community transparency in cases of alleged racist behavior in the district.   

“This incident goes to the heart of my role with the district, which is to help identify and interrupt inappropriate comments or racial epithets used in the workplace.  That’s key to effecting positive change,” said Harris, the district’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Monitor.