Rosemont High School Robotics Team Advances to World Championships in Houston
Rosemont’s Alliance takes Second Place at Ventura County Regional Robotics Competition

Press release

Sacramento, CA – The Rosemont High School Robotics team will advance to the World Championships for youth robotics, known as the 2023 FIRST® Championship presented by BAE Systems, April 19-22, 2023 in Houston, Texas. The Rosemont team qualified after their Second Place Alliance finish at the FIRST® Ventura County Regional Robotics Competition. FIRST® Championship is a culminating, international event for youth robotics competition season and an annual celebration of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

During the Ventura County Regional, the Rosemont team, designated as Team 5274, joined an Alliance (Alliance Number 2) with Dos Pueblos High School of Goleta, CA (Team 9084) and Waialua High & Interm School of Waialua, HI (Team 359). Teams are seeded following a round-robin format, and then teams form alliances of three to compete in the playoffs.

The Rosemont Robotics Team is fundraising to send the team to Houston, and supporters can visit this site to help: For more information on how to help, supporters can contact the Rosemont Robotics team at:

“Making it to the FIRST® Championships is very much like many professional sports, a few teams make it to their culminating event regularly, most very rarely,” said Dave Stafford, Mentor, Rosemont High School Robotics Team 5274. “TEAM 5274 has been an active participant in FIRST® Robotics Competition since 2013. We have battled in many, many matches and had some success and many failures. In every one of those experiences our team members have grown in a very positive manner. In 2016 the team qualified for the FIRST Championship. It was a life changing experience for the 17 students and 4 adults that were fortunate enough to attend. The 2023 team is as strong as ever and are coming off a very good string of successes spanning this season and last: 3 second place finishes, a 4th place finish, and the Wildcard spot in this seasons Championship. We are excited and proud to be representatives of the Rosemont community and Sacramento City Unified School District.”

The Rosemont Robotics team is composed of 12 students, and assisted by 5 mentors.


  • Zackary Aebersold- 10th grade, Lead builder, Drive Team
  • Ryan Bowie – 10th grade, Design, Drive Team
  • Jason Chen – 11th grade, Build, Scouting (rookie)
  • Lory Datsyuk – 9th grade, Build, Scouting (rookie)
  • Elijah DeBusk – 9th grade, Programming, Drive Team (rookie)
  • Diego Delgado – 11th grade, Build, Design, Scouting
  • Mitchell Milobar – 12th grade, Team lead, Build, Drive Team
  • Aiden Stewart – 10th grade, Build
  • Diana Torres-Arias – 12th grade, Lead Business
  • Jose Torres – 11th grade, Build, Safety
  • Kalani Vollmer – 12th grade, Business, Scouting (rookie)
  • Alexandra Willis – 12th grade, Business, Scouting (rookie)
  • Tom Yokoi – 9th grade, Business, Scouting (rookie)


  • Dave Stafford – Lead Mentor
  • Josiah Sidhu – 2nd Mentor (Alumni)
  • Dennis Bowie – Mentor (rookie)
  • Kim Stowell – Mentor (AEMS Robotics)
  • Yao Huang – Youth Mentor (Alumni)

Rosemont High School Robotics Team Advances to World Championships in Houston

Video of Alliance 2 Victory in Playoff Match 13 Round 5 to Reach Ventura County Regional Final

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