Workers’ Compensation Reporting and Site Postings


Workers’ Compensation

When an employee is injured on the job, the employee must report the incident immediately. In order to take care of the employee and also comply with the law, it is essential that the district procedures be followed.

Reporting Procedure

During school days (Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) Employees must report all work-related injuries directly to their supervisor, site administrator, or designee as soon as possible. Employees will be instructed to contact the EIN (Early Intervention Nurse) immediately at 643-9299 to obtain further information and instructions.

To check on a claim

For billing inquiries and/or concerns on claims, contact Schools Insurance Authority (SIA) at their main office number: (916) 364-1281
After hours and on weekends: Employees working after hours and/or weekends should report to their site administrator, supervisor or designee as soon as feasible.

Temporary or Modified Duty

To assist with the transition of employees injured on the job to full duty status, the district may be able to temporarily modify work assignments to accommodate their situations. School sites and/or departments are encouraged to find temporary, modified, limited or alternative work assignments at the employee’s regular site for a maximum of twelve weeks. By keeping employees at their regular sites, there is less chance for absence reporting and payroll errors, temporary re-training processes, and loss of continuity of site operations. Refusal of Temporary or Modified Duty by an employee will result in a full dock.  Temporary Duty has great flexibility in designing work to meet the doctor’s restrictions. Many school sites welcome the opportunity to do projects or have extra help within the classroom. The temporary job cannot replace a regular job but can can go outside the employee’s regular job description. For example, a custodian with a lifting restriction of 10lbs can help with light office duties, monitor bathrooms, or assist in the classroom as a temporary assignment.  After modified duty ends, an ADA accommodation through the interactive process.

Required Postings

Attached document should be posted on each site bulletin board in both English and Spanish side by side. Call to obtain additional copies.

Resources for Employees

The State of California web site had a guidebook for employees. Link to