Transportation Discipline Process



Students who violate any of the rules and regulations will receive a negative Bus Conduct Report and will be subject to a normal progression of penalties. In cases of severe misconduct, students may be assigned penalties more severe than provided for in the normal process.

All other school district rules and regulations, together with other penalties, shall apply to conduct on buses and shall be administered by the Principal or other appropriate school authorities.

The principal or his/her designee is responsible for notifying the parent of all violations. The normal progression of penalties for violations of the rules and regulations on the bus are:

  1. Verbal Counsel – Driver will counsel the student about appropriate behavior. Written Warning – warning by the driver. Principal will notify parents.
  2. 1st Citation – Two (2) day suspension from all SCUSD buses. Principal notifies the parent.
  3. 2nd Citation – Five (5) day suspension from all SCUSD buses. Principal notifies the parent.
  4. 3rd Citation – Loss of transportation on all SCUSD buses for the remainder of the school year. Principal notifies the parent.


If a parent requests an appeal on the bus suspension, the following people should be present:

  • The Principal or his/her designee.
  • Director of Transportation or his/her designee.
  • The School Bus Driver who suspended the student from service.
  • The parent/guardian of the suspended student.
  • Student (if requested)

Appeal Procedures

All students and their parents have the right to appeal. Appeals shall be made to the school principal or administrator initiating the disciplinary action. The principal or administrator shall review the facts of the case, including consultation with Transportation Services personnel, and based on their findings shall render a final decision on the appeal.