Testing Schedule


If the position(s) you are applying for requires one of the following tests, it is your responsibility to attend one of the testing sessions or schedule an appointment.

Paraprofessional Testing

All Bilingual Teacher Assistant (English portion only); Employment Coach, Special Education, Family Advocate (Integrated Support Services); Home Visitor, Head Start/Early Head Start Home-Based Program, In-House Suspension Staff Assistant; all Instructional Aides; Interpreters for the Deaf; and Transition Assistant, Special Education, positions.

New Hires and Subs

AA Degree or completed at least two years of study in an institution of higher education, 48 units.

Permanent SCUSD Paraprofessionals

Currently employed paraprofessionals have four years (January 2006) to meet the above standards.

Typing and Software Skills Testing (QWIZ)

All positions that require typing or software skills testing (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.).

After testing, the Instructor will record your test results with Human Resource Services for consideration on future vacancies you apply for.

Call (916) 643-7455 or (916) 643-7456 to schedule appointment for typing and software skills testing. Drop-ins are welcome if space is available.

Location: Serna Center, 5735 47th Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95824




For information on how to improve your software skills, click on the above link (right-hand side) On-Line Learning Program. The Adult Education Department offers Microsoft Office on-line training classes in addition to other valuable career training opportunities.