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Gifted Education Space Still Available for 18-19 School Year

Parents of children who are eligible for GATE services and who wish to enroll in a school that provides self-contained Gifted Education services via either an Intra-District transfer, or from another district, charter system, or private school may still do so. 

Students in self-contained GATE classrooms in grades 2-6 must be identified as eligible for Gifted Education services by Sacramento City USD’s formal process.

More information about having your child screened for potential GATE services in SCUSD is available at the following links:

Requesting placement in a self-contained GATE services classroom can be made in one of two ways:

  1. Call the GATE Department at 916-643-9427
  2. Complete the Webform 

Schools with availability for the 2018-19 school year are:

Disclaimer:  Selecting appropriate GATE services for your child is ultimately a family’s choice. Each gifted child is unique. What is best for one child may not be suited for their sibling or friend. The GATE Department does not: make placement recommendations or automatically place students in GATE schools/classrooms.