Nutrition Policy


The Child Development Program follows the guidelines of “Child & Adult Care Food Program.”

Sacramento is nationally recognized as the “Farm to Fork Capital of America.” As such, our nutrition programs offered to children and their families promote eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Good nutrition is essential to maintaining quality health and supporting the learning capabilities of young children. Our nutrition policies and practices support this belief by maintaining a nurturing environment, meals of high nutritional quality, equal access for all individuals, and respect for the individual needs of the children and families we serve. Meal-time at school is a time for practicing manners, passing food, learning about serving appropriate portions, learning how to pour without spilling and learning about the value of nutritious food.

The meals also expose children to a variety of foods that they might otherwise not try at home.

  • Parents will be informed of the times for meals and snacks. Talk with your teacher about transitions with your child if pick-up and drop-off times occur around meal times. All food must be consumed on site.
  • Menus are available on the district website. Menus are also posted in each preschool classroom. Menus will be adapted to meet the needs of children with allergies. If you need to request food substitutions for food allergies or special diets, you must complete a “Diet Prescription for Special Meals.” Your preschool nurse and your doctor can provide you with this form.
  • Staff, children, and parents always wash their hands before preparing and eating food. Meal times provide learning opportunities for children. Meals are served family style to encourage self-help and independence. Food is never used as a reward or a punishment or withheld for any reason.
  • Changes to the menu will be posted on the monthly meal calendar.
  • Outside foods are not allowed to be served to children including birthdays and special events
  •  A school nurse is available to answer questions you may have regarding food served or your child’s dietary habits.

IMPORTANT: Notify the teacher if your child has a special diet or food allergy!