Medication will be administered only to students whose parent and physician deem it necessary for potentially life-threatening medical conditions or for those who need medication administered during the school day in order to interact appropriately at school.


  • A completed “Authorization for Administration of Medication by School Personnel” form must be completed by your child’s doctor and must include a written statement indicating that the medication is necessary during preschool class-time, the method of administration, the frequency of administration and the amount to be given. A new form must be completed before the start of each school year.
  • Each medication must be in its original container and clearly labeled by the pharmacy. It is requested that all inhalers be a new prescription. School personnel cannot administer over-the-counter medication without a physician’s consent and the completed “Authorization for Administration of Medication by School Personnel” form.
  • Over the counter medication must be in the original container.

Administration of Medication (Ed. Code 49420-49425; District Policy 5141.21)–A designated school employee may administer medication (prescription and over-the-counter) during the school hours only upon written request of both the physician and parent(s) or guardian, detailing the method, amount, and time the medication is to be taken.