Healthy Celebrations at School


With a few easy changes, parents, teachers and school administrators can shift the focus of school parties and celebrations from unhealthy food to healthy fun.

Healthy celebration ideas


Schools can promote a positive learning environment by shifting the focus from food during classroom celebrations. If food is served,it must be non-allergenic and compliant with school nutrition regulations.

Awesome Non-Food Celebration Ideas:
  • Extra outdoor time
  • Music and dancing
  • Games, such asrelays or scavenger hunts
  • Hold class outdoors
  • Free choice time
  • Stickers/pencils
  • Balloons/bubbles
  • Artsupplies/projects
  • Read a story 
  • Outdoor movie day
  • Dried/fresh fruit
  • Fruit Smoothies/Fruit Sorbets
  • 100% Fruit Juice
  • Fresh Vegetables with hummus,guacamole, salad dressing
  • Compliant items on the pre-approved list or on the Smart Snacks Product Calculator