Goal 9: Provide Individualized Support To Special Education Students
LCAP Goals


Provide every SCUSD student eligible for special education support and services with an educational program in their least restrictive environment that includes standards-aligned instruction enabling students to meet or exceed state standards.

Actions Description
9.1 Conduct a cross departmental District Capacity Assessment with Child Development and Special Education which will inform the development of a SCUSD Capacity Action Plan.
9.2 Establish a Department Computer Support Technician position and provide educational technology (including hardware, software, and connectivity) for students with disabilities and special education staff.
9.3 Provide additional special education staffing to expand student access to appropriately credentialed/licensed special education providers and district access to special education leadership positions, which support the organization and appropriate supervision of staff.
9.4 Develop and invest in opportunities to engage diverse teams to monitor improvement, build professional capacity, and build towards long-term restorative change.
9.5 Review and, where necessary, update special education job descriptions to ensure qualifications and duties align with California Teacher Credentialing requirements and authorizations.