Goal 8: Maintain Safe & Clean Environments & Sufficient Supplies
LCAP Goals


SCUSD will maintain sufficient instructional materials, safe and clean facilities, core classroom staffing, and other basic conditions necessary to support the effective implementation of actions across all LCAP goals.

Actions Description
8.1 Maintain safe and clean facilities in good repair. Includes custodial, maintenance, and other facilities support staff, as well as, materials and services associated with the maintenance of school sites and other district facilities.
8.2 Provide all students sufficient instructional materials for board-adopted curricula.
8.3 Ensure classroom staffing at a level sufficient to provide the core curriculum to all students.
8.4 Support beginning teachers through New Teacher Support includes Teacher Induction and Pre-Induction Support.
8.5 Develop and implement pathways and pipelines for current employees and community members to acquire credentials and certifications (e.g. teaching credential).
8.6 Increase SCUSD’s presence in the community and around the nation to recruit highly qualified individuals and retain valued employees.