Goal 3: Support Student Social-Emotional, Mental & Physical Health
LCAP Goals


Provide every student the specific academic, behavioral, social-emotional, and mental and physical health supports to meet their individual needs – especially English Learners, Students with Disabilities, Foster Youth, Homeless Youth, African American students, American Indian or Alaska Native students, Hispanic/Latino students, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander students, and other student groups whose outcomes indicate the greatest need – so that all students can remain fully engaged in school and access core instruction.

Actions Description
3.1 Support Foster Youth Services (FYS) with staffing to include 9 staff (1 Coordinator, 7 Program Associates (4 Elementary, 1 Middle, and 1 High School), and 1 clerk).
3.2 Support Homeless Services through staffing needs to include: 1 Homeless Program Coordinator, 3 Social Workers, 3 Youth and Family Mental Health Advocates, and 1 Clerk.
3.3 Fund school psychologists who conduct special education assessments, serve as a member of the Student Success Team (SST) to support the recommendation of appropriate academic and social emotional interventions and accommodations needed for students to fully access instruction and achieve learning goals.
3.4 Provide students with disabilities specific support as identified in their Individualized Education Program (IEP).
3.5 Provide mental health support to students with disabilities with trained professionals (School Social Workers).
3.6 Continue to expand awareness of the English Learner Master Plan and coordinate with colleagues to implement the actions established within the plan.
3.7 Develop student videos in our top five languages (at the elementary and secondary level) to welcome students to our district, affirm the assets of being multilingual, provide an overview of reclassification, and provide an introduction to the ELPAC assessment. This series will be housed on the district and Multilingual Literacy website by the 2023-2024 school year.
3.8 Fund nursing positions that provide wrap-around, health services for students and respond to the immediate health needs of individual students.
3.9 Support school sites in their focused efforts to reduce chronic absenteeism.
3.10 Monitor and address students’ mental health needs through the Connect Center.