Employee Discount Programs for AT&T and Sprint



  • New Discount – 17% off voice, Smartphone plans, laptop, and tablet plans $35 per month or higher, every month.
  • 17% off Primary Group Fee on the new Mobile Share plans only, no other rates get the discount on this plan.
  • Free Activation for new customers!
  • Waived upgrade fees for existing AT&T customers!

Go to the AT&T Sac City page to activate or head to your local AT&T Store with an employee ID/Badge and they can add the discount there. Be sure to reference discount (FAN) number 03781007.


Save with the Sprint Discount Program!!! 

  • Line 1: $55/mo. with AutoPay (includes the $5/month Sprint Works discount)
  • Line 2: $40/mo. with AutoPay
  • Lines 3-5: FREE with AutoPay through 3/31/19

NEW … Announcing the Unlimited 55+ plan for employees who are 55+!!!  (Ask sales rep to code account with corp code GDSCA_WCA_ZZZ when signing up for this plan.)

  • $50/mo for line 1
  • $20/mo for line 2
  • No additional discounts or waived activation fees will apply to this plan.
  • New accounts only
  • Includes Unlimited talk, text & data
  • Global roaming in over 185 worldwide destinations
  • Account holder must be 55+
  • Two line limit

If you bring your own phone or purchase a new one outright, for a limited time you can save $20/line (on up to 5 lines) on the Unlimited Plus regular per line pricing.

Breakdown of cost per line with that savings—

  • Line 1 –            $45
  • Line 2 –           $30
  • Lines 3 – 5 –   $10 each

Still available is the prepaid card of up to $200 when you switch to Sprint.

General questions on the Sprint Discount Program?  Please email Jodi Booke at Jodi.DeFonzo@sprint.com.