ELA Assessments
Links to Teacher Assessment Resource Guides, Foundational Skills Assessments , Virtual How to Videos, Directions on How to Administer on Illuminate, Reports to Drive Tier 1 & Tier 2 Instruction, and links to Weekly and Unit Assessments in Illuminate


Teacher Assessment Resource Guides (Elementary & Secondary Master)

BMA Weekly & Unit Assessment in Illuminate

DIBELS 8.0/IDEL 7.0 Teacher Guides & Student Test Booklets (1 minute subtests)

DIBELS 8.0 Training Resources

SCUSD CORE Phonics Survey- English

CORE Phonics English Display Slides for Virtual Testing

Video- Preparing to VIRTUALLY Administer The CORE Phonics Survey

Sample Video – Virtually Assessing a First Grader Kelan on the CORE Phonics Survey

Sample Video – Virtually Assessing a First Grader Chloe on the CORE Phonics Survey

PASS Phonological Awareness Skills Screener

How to Enter Scores for CORE Phonics & PASS in Illuminate

Sample Video- Virtually Assessing a Kindergartner,Matix on the PASS

Preparing to Virtually Assess Students Using the ORR: Video

Sample Video- Virtually Assessing the Reading Level of a Second Grader, Riley using ORR

Instructions for How to Score ORR to Identify Instructional and Independent Level of Students 

Summary Assessments: Reports to Drive Instruction (6 min. 48 sec.)

How to Administer BMA Concepts of Print in Illuminate

How to Administer BMA High Frequency Words in Illuminate

Skills Assessments (K-2): How to Run Reports to Drive Instruction & Resources for Teaching & Learning (4 min. 5 sec)

Illuminate- Frequently Asked Questions 

Illuminate Assessment Types & Reports to Drive Instruction Slide Deck with Video Imbedded Links

Interventions in ELA: What do I teach?

How to Access Targeted Phonics Lesson in BMA indicated by CORE Phonics data results

Locating Phonics Progress Monitoring Resources in BMA