2022-23 GATE Services Identification Results & Placement
GATE Services Status and Notification Process


GATE screening results and screening assessment scores will be mailed to all families in grades 1 & 3. Student need for GATE services is determined through a multi-step process that includes not only the CogAT results, but also academic factors and social-emotional considerations. 

GATE services eligibility letters will be mailed in June. Letters are mailed via the US Postal Service. If you do not receive a letter by Friday, July 14th, you may call the GATE Department at 916-643-9427.

All families are notified about their child’s screening assessment results and eligibility status.

The GATE Department does not share GATE screening results over the phone or via e-mail. 

Your school site does not have access to the GATE screening results until after letters have been mailed.