Technology Equipment Purchases
District Approved Devices and Vendors


Technology has the power to transform learning, engage students and increase operational efficiency. We partner with district leaders to ensure that our hardware standards include tools and resources that support the diverse and rapidly changing needs of our schools and business units.

Standards are necessary to ensure that resources and services are stable, reliable and accessible throughout the district, and that they are adequately supported by manufacturers through their service life with the district. For these reasons, SCUSD cannot allow the purchase of equipment or resources that has not been approved. This includes donations and acquisitions of surplus from external organizations and agencies.

We are grateful for your partnership in ensuring that our district computing environment is secure, reliable and effective.

Approved Devices

Please select from the below list to view details about the equipment and peripheral accessories currently available for purchase from approved vendors.

  • Chromebooks, Windows computers, Printers, Displays
  • Apple computers and tablets Because of the significant cost differential for equivalent performance/functionality, Apple hardware is only being approved if circumstances dictate that only the Mac platform will support the specific instructional or operational goals of the intended user(s). Personal preference cannot be used as the rationale to substantiate the purchase of Apple equipment. To avoid further delays, please consider a device from the approved CDW-G Standardized Equipment Listing above.

Our list of device standards is constantly changing as technology evolves. For the latest models and pricing, please reference this information prior to submitting a purchase requisition.

Effective 2016, all Chromebook, Apple and Windows laptops require etching (“White Glove services”) for enhanced device security.

Important Notice

Effective October 26, 2018, given the fiscal context all purchases of technology resources will receive additional review to validate conformance to district standards and to ensure that requested devices maintain fit to purpose. Requisitions deemed excessive or inappropriate will be denied or adjusted to maximize the value of specific items being purchased. Refer to Business Services Bulletin 2018-19 No. BS-14 for additional information.