Support Provider Information
2020-2021 School Year


The Induction Office is working to add to our current list of Support Providers for the 2020/2021 school year. Our goal is to have at least one participating Support Provider at each of our school sites. Support Providers serve a critical role in the trajectory of a new teacher’s success in education. We would like to open the opportunity for teachers to apply to participate as Support Providers for our new teachers hired in SCUSD.

New Support Providers must participate in one New On-Boarding Workshop (offered virtually) AND one All Support Provider On-Boarding Workshop event (offered virtually.) An application MUST be submitted and approved prior to receiving an invitation to the On-Boarding Workshops. (Application submission is due prior to October 23, 2020, or January 15, 2021 or March 26, 2021 due dates in order to be invited to participate in the subsequent quarters On-Boarding Workshops.)

There are many benefits to serving in the role of a Support Provider. For many Support Providers, they find they become better with their own instructional strategies when planning, observing, reflecting and sharing with Participating Teachers and other Support Providers—as modeling these practices can help to deepen one’s own understanding. Additionally, this may help develop skill-sets for working with adult learners which is often critical to pursuing other opportunities in Leadership district-wide.

All SCUSD Support Providers will:

  • have three or more years teaching experience
  • hold a clear teaching credential
  • have the support and recommendation from their current supervisor to be eligible to participate
  • support the Participating Teacher in the development of the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)
  • provide Just-In-Time support
  • attend two On-boarding Workshops prior to beginning the program (virtually)
  • use Google Classroom and google drive for the collaboration and completion of the completed support activity
  • tasks required for the Participating Teachers
  • complete a support activity google form for weekly support activities on a weekly basis (providing on average one hour of support weekly)
  • attend 7 Support Provider Meetings each year
  • attend and participate in a Winter Seminar (mid-year)
  • attend and participate in a Colloquium (end of year)
  • participate in quarterly Peer Review process with a Peer Review Partner
  • complete program surveys as requested
  • adheres to the Support Provider roles and responsibilities

Currently, Support Providers receive a stipend of $526.19 quarterly for successful completion of the assigned tasks for the first participating teacher assigned to them; Support Providers receive a stipend of $394.75 for successful completion of assigned tasks for any additional Participating Teachers assigned to them. ($2,104.77 for four quarters for the initial teacher assigned; $1,579 for four quarters for any additional teachers assigned.)

Please consider serving in this capacity if you feel you are ready to act as a Support Provider.

Last year, SCUSD hosted approximately 170 Induction Participating Teachers and about 73 Intern and/or Short-Term Staff Permit Participating Teachers.

Please email if you are interested and would like an application emailed to you.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact our office:

Kelly Dunkley, Induction Coordinator:

Christine Velasquez, New Teacher Support Office Technician:

Section 1: Support Provider Experiences and Qualifications

Section 2: 2020-2021 Support Provider Meetings and Support Calendar