Speaking at Board Meetings


At regular Board of Education meetings, the public may address the Board on both agenda items and on items not listed on the agenda. Speakers may be called in the order that cards are received, or grouped by subject area. Comments are limited to two minutes with no more than 15 minutes allotted to the same item.  At special meetings, the public may address the Board on items on the agenda only.

To speak to the Board of Education, please fill out a Request to Address the Board of Education card. Give the card to the Chief Communications Officer.  You will be called to speak when your item comes up.

If you have materials for the Board give them to the Chief Communications Officer before you begin speaking.

Tips for Addressing the Board of Education

  • Remember the two-minute limit. Your time may not be allotted to another person.
  • No more than 15 minutes total will be allowed for one topic. Please do not repeat what others have said.
  • Identify yourself before speaking.
  • Items that are not on the agenda may be addressed only during the Public Comment portion of the meeting.
  • At special meetings, all public comment is limited to agenda items only.
  • To distribute materials to the Board, please give them to the Chief Communications Officer.  Materials delivered to the Board Office before noon on Friday, the week before the Board meeting will be sent to Board members.
  • By law, the Board is allowed to take action only on items on the agenda. For other matters, the Board will receive comments only, and may, at their discretion, refer the matter to district staff or calendar the issue for future discussion. [E.C. 35134.5]