Requesting Re-Screening for Gifted Education Services
Grades 2 and 4-6

Families Residing within SCUSD Boundaries

Students not yet identified for GATE Services in SCUSD may be referred for re-screening by either their parents/guardians or current/past teacher. Students eligible for referral include any student who is new to SCUSD, or is in 2nd grade or grades 4-6.  

Students are screened for GATE Services in elementary grades.

The GATE Department will screen a child no more than 3 times during their educational career.

There must be at least 12-months between screenings.

Referral Screening happens on the following dates:

4 screening sessions are scheduled during each school year:

August – New students to SCUSD ONLY

October – 5th & 6th graders & New 4th grade students to SCUSD.

January – Re-Screening for 2nd & 4th graders; 5th & 6th graders; New students to SCUSD; 1st & 3rd grade in-residence, non-SCUSD students.

March – Re-Screening for 2nd & 4th graders; 5th & 6th graders; new students to SCUSD; 1st & 3rd grade in-residence, non-SCUSD students

Referral Steps for Parents

All parents of children residing within SCUSD boundaries, regardless of whether or not they currently attend SCUSD schools, may refer their child for GATE Services Screening.

If you currently live outside of SCUSD boundaries and are interested in GATE Screening for enrollment in GATE services, please contact The SCUSD GATE Department.

  1. Print out the Screening Referral Form 
  2. Complete and sign the form.
  3. Collect any relevant outside data and documentation (academic test results, GATE identification documentation from other states/districts, etc).
  4. Submit the Screening Referral Form and any additional documentation to the GATE Department.
  5. The GATE Office will contact parents/guardians to confirm referral screening on one of the dates listed above. 

Referral Steps for Teachers

  1. Contact the GATE Department to initiate the process. 916-643-2348 or
Outside Agency GATE Screening

The SCUSD Gifted Education Department does not accept privately obtained GATE screening assessment results. This includes screening administered by private practice psychologists or university testing centers. SCUSD offers a robust internal screening program for students who reside within our district boundaries.

Please contact the GATE Department to learn how your child will be assessed to determine Gifted Education Services needs.