Proposals for Closed Sites Webform


Proposed Schedule

  • Proposals due:  12/15/2014
  • Proposals presented to Board: 1/22/2015
Organization Information

Description of Organization

Identify the lead agency who is submitting this proposal.  Give a positive, concise, and fact-based description of your organization(s) : what it does, and what is going to make it unique, competitive and successful. Describe special features that will make your organization attractive to potential users and identify your organization’s primary goals and objectives.  If your organization serves a specific geographic area, list that information here.

Please also include your non-profit status.

Primary Organization Ownership/Legal Entity

If licenses or permits are required, describe the requirements for acquiring them and where you are in the process, if applicable.

If you have not already stated whether this is an expansion of your current services or a relocation of your current services, include that here.


List all of your partners that will be sharing the facility with you.  Will you create a partnership to offer services or will your partners operate independently?  If information about your partners—including your financial arrangements with them—plays an important part of your business, include the relevant information in this section.


Remember that location is of paramount importance to some types of organizations, less so for others.

  • Please indicate your first choice of location and explain why it would be beneficial to your purpose.  In case your first choice is not available, please also indicate a secondary location that would meet your needs.
  • Are there particular classrooms or other spaces that you have already identified as being ideal for the setup of your service?
  • Please attach site maps to the Appendices of this document, indicating your primary and secondary choices for both location(s) and for the spaces within the location(s).


Are there any special requirements/modifications to the space that you will have to construct or install? If so, you will need Sacramento City Unified School District permission to do so.

Start of Operation and Hours of Operation

By what date do you anticipate beginning your operations at the site?

What hours do you anticipate operating?  Will you follow the Sacramento City Unified School District calendar?  During your hours of operation, will you require exclusive use of common space, such as multi-purpose rooms, fields, playground equipment, etc.?

Services/Benefits Provided

Describe your services and why there is a demand for them.  How do they benefit Sacramento City Unified School District students, families and community? Will you charge fees for your services, and if so how much?

Describe the benefits your service will provide in the following areas, if applicable:

  • Job Creation
  • Housing
  • Health Care
  • Senior Focused Groups

Financial Management

Please describe how you envision your organization operating for its first year in this facility, giving emphasis to your ability to meet financial obligations and other considerations of the lease.

If your proposal is approved by the Board of Education, please confirm that you will you be able to meet SCUSD insurance requirements.  The limits of liability shall not be less than a Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Personal Injury Liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence. See the attached sample insurance document s for more guidance on this subject.


Miscellaneous Documents

Please attach any other documents that you believe are relevant to your program.  Make sure to include the site maps of the locations you are interested in, with your first and second choice of spaces clearly marked.

Contact Information