Frequently Asked Transportation Questions


Is the District providing Regular Home to School Transportation for the new school year?

On February 2nd 2012, The SCUSD Board of Education took action to eliminate All Regular Education Home to School transportation in grades PK-6 for the 12/13 school year in order to balance a nearly 28 million dollar deficit. SCUSD continued to transport all mandated transportation such as Busing for Special Education students. Special Education transportation was not affected by this action. Transportation services will service five schools affected by the 13/14 school closures. Fruitridge, Maple, Bonnheim, Washington, and CP Huntington. Details on transportation service can be found on the district web site or by contacting your assigned school. Severe Safety routes will continue to be serviced. These routes will be for students that need to cross Railroad tracks in certain attendance areas in order to access their resident school. Flexibility of the budget will also allow the district to provide some limited service for routes that have other safety concerns. Severe Safety and Safety Bus Stops and times will be available at the school sites approximately 1 week before school starts. CA ED Code 39800: (a) the governing board of any school district may provide for transportation of pupils to and from school whenever in the judgment of the board the transportation is advisable and good reason exist therefor. Students being transported on one of these routes will need to complete the Transportation Ridership application which will be available on the web site under Transportation Safety Plan or from your driver. This will need to be returned to SCUSD Transportation Department within 5 days after starting services. Severe Safety Routes (Xing Railroad tracks) for the following school sites: Cesar Chavez Edward Kemble David Lubin Joseph Bonnheim Theodore Judah Washington William Land Woodbine Safety Routes for the following sites: AM Winn: For students living east of Bradshaw Caleb Greenwood: For students living near Cal Expo Sequoia: For students from Camellia Basic Abe Lincoln: For students living north of Hwy 50 (Routier Light Rail area and south of AM Winn)

What happens if I’m not home to receive my special needs child after school?

If no one is home to receive your child when the driver arrives, (providing the driver remains in the general area) the driver will continue with the route, keeping your child on the bus until the other children have been transported. Then the driver will make an attempt to leave your child at your home one more time. If no one is home after the second attempt, the driver will return the child to his/her school of attendance. In the event there is no one at the school to receive your student, a call is made to the Sacramento Police Department who will take the child into their custody and will work with Child Protective Services.

Why does it take up to three days to begin bus service for my special needs child after transportation receives my child’s paperwork?

When a new student is added to or dropped from a driver’s list, the time of pick-up and drop-off changes for all students. Parents need information as quickly as possible to adjust to the changing pick-up and drop-off times. The driver also needs information about their children before transporting them. The three day lead between notice and start of transport allows for necessary information processing.

Why must my special needs child be on the bus so long?

Curb-to-curb service requires the drivers to go to multiple locations (as many as 10 – 15) spread out over a large geographic area throughout the Sacramento Region, and transport students to locations that are often far away from the child’s home attendance school. Our goal is for no student to be on the bus for more than 90 minutes each way.

Who should I call if the bus does not arrive on time?

In the 2011/2012 school year, Transportation Services established a new Hotline to announce any delays in service over 15 minutes. You may call (916) 643-7999 to receive any announcement regarding late buses. This line will be updated 3 times a day. Otherwise you may speak to any Dispatcher at (916) 277- 6701.

What information should I have when I call a Dispatcher?

Please have your students name, route information, school and bus stop available, including location and times.

What are the hours for Transportation Services?

Transportation morning shift starts at 5:30 A.M. and the afternoon shift ends at 5:30 P.M.

Will my student have the same driver every day?

Usually drivers bid on their routes at the beginning of the year. Some routes will experience a change after the bid process is complete. Other than usual absences you should have the same driver on your route.

Why is the bus late and why wasn’t I called?

From time to time buses will run late due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. Transportation Services understands that communication is important to the families. This year we are trying to bridge the gap by initiating the Transportation Hotline (916) 643-7999 so that we can announce late routes. In addition families and schools can call if there are any concerns regarding a late bus. The Hotline will be updated at approximately 6:30 A.M., 11:30 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. If the route is continually late you may also contact a Supervisor at (916) 277-6701.

Can a driver make a stop at my house to pick up or drop off my student?

School bus stops are designated by the Superintendent or designee and authorized by the California Highway Patrol. Any deviation or “Courtesy” stops are against Policy and Law. Certain individuals with Special needs through an Individualized Education Program or 504 may receive service to their home based on their disability.

How many bus stops may my child have?

Bus stops are based on the students address and one bus stop is assigned. A ridership application will need to be filled out. If the family needs a different stop in the afternoon, that should be identified on the application. Please contact a Supervisor for prior authorization. If the request is last minute, the school Administrator will need to be contacted and authorize the change. That information must be sent to transportation to communicate to the driver.

To whom should I report a change of address or a new phone number for my special needs child?

For a change in phone numbers you may contact the Transportation Department at (916) 277-6701 and speak to a Fleet Supervisor or Dispatcher who will take your information and update your child’s contact information in the routing records. For all other changes including address changes please contact your child’s Program Specialist at (916) 643-9174 so that the students IEP and contact information can be updated in the system and forwarded to all service providers.

Who do I call if I cannot locate my child in the afternoon and the school is closed?

A call to the transportation department is usually your best option at this point. Students that are identified as “must be met “are usually returned to the school when somebody is not there to meet them. The student is then turned over to school personnel. If the student is not identified as “must be met” then transportation can assist the family in contacting the correct department or agency so they can assist you in locating your child. In most cases when this arises the student has gone home with a friend or other classmate, so knowing who your student’s friends are is a valuable tool when trying to locate your student. More serious cases will be directed to the Sacramento Police Department and school administration. All Kindergarten students are considered “must be met” students and must have a parent present at the bus stop and at the designated time of drop off.

Can I require that my child only be released to me at the stop?

Only certain designated students whose needs are addressed through an IEP or 504 plans are eligible for this service. Kindergarten students are required to have a parent be at the stop to receive the student. All others students unload at their designated bus stops. Kindergarten students without a designated parent at the stop will not be allowed off the bus and will be taken back to school.

I have a question regarding a bus stop, location or time. Whom do I call?

Please contact transportation services at (916) 277-6701 and speak to a Dispatcher or a Fleet Specialist.

My child utilizes a wheelchair for mobility, what do I need to know?

Many of our school buses are equipped to transport students in wheelchairs. Please contact the Special Education Department to arrange for transportation. There are strict safety rules and guidelines for wheelchairs and you should contact the transportation office at (916) 277-6701 to speak to a Fleet Specialist or a State Certified Instructor for the most current rules and regulations. Basic safety will include wheelchairs need to be clean and free of defects, work properly, proper restraints need to be maintained, brakes function properly, and electrical batteries need to be leak proof. You may obtain further information from the Transportation Department.

My child uses a car seat, what do I need to know?

In certain unique cases a car seat may be used in certain types of school buses. Please contact Transportation Services and speak to a Fleet Specialist for further information. 916-277-6701.

My child has special needs, what information do I need to receive Transportation Services?

Please contact the Special Education department to discuss your student’s needs. (916) 643-9174. Current and correct information needs to be on file with the transportation department so we can service your student and their needs.

Why doesn’t my bus have seatbelts?

Any buses manufactured after April 1, 1977 are designed for compartmentalization. Basically this is considered the “Egg Crate” Theory. Some of the highlights are high back padded seats to absorb any impact from passengers involved in an accident. Double steel wall protection with steel bowed roof rails for increased roll-over protection, raised floor above general side impact area and bumpers are designed much like highway guardrails. To enhance better safety, all buses currently manufactured are to have a 3 point seat belt system and designed for compartmentalization. Together both systems are a safe and reliable method to reduce injuries in a school bus accident. At this time, school buses are not required to be retrofitted with seat belts since the passengers would not have the full advantage of compartmentalization. For more information on this subject please visit

I don’t live within school boundaries, how would I receive transportation?

SCUSD no longer provides transportation for PK-6 th grade students . Some schools have transportation provided due to safety barriers within the area. The district does not provide transportation through an open enrollment process to various schools outside your school of residence. NCLB, over enrollment and special education are the only exceptions in transporting outside of your school boundary. Please contact the Enrollment Center for more information. (916) 643-2400.

I don’t live within district boundaries, am I eligible for transportation?

The SCUSD does not provide transportation for students living outside the district boundary.

What is the policy for special needs students to be let off at home unattended?

SCUSD does not release special needs students unless the student is given in to the custody of a parent or guardian. If the students’ information form indicates that the student can be left home alone, signed by the parent or guardian, a student will be let off the bus unattended.

Can I appeal the location of a bus stop?

Yes. Staff will review any written requests that identify other serious safety hazards and will work with the City and County Transportation Engineering departments if additional safety concerns arise and make the appropriate recommendations to the Superintendent or designee.

Am I eligible for Transportation Service?

Students residing in areas considered by the district as severe safety area are eligible for transportation. An example of a severe safety area is a school boundary that has Rail Road tracks dividing your residence and the neighborhood school. If you are not certain if you are eligible for service please call the Transportation office for assistance at 277-6701. Students affected by school closures from Fruitridge, Maple, Bonnheim, Washington, and CP Huntington are eligible for transportation to their NEW assigned school. Transportation does not provide service for “School of Choice”. For more information visit our web site or call your new school for more information. Color coded neighborhood maps and routes will be available at your school site so you can locate your route for your new school. This information is also available on the web site. Students enrolled in No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Please contact State and Federal Programs for more information. They can be reached at 916-643-9051 for more information about this program. Students having an Individualized Education Program (IEP) in which Transportation is part of their Instructional Program. Please contact Special Education for more information at 916-643- 9174.

What time do I need my child at the bus stop in the morning?

Please view our web site or call your school for your students route times and stops. Transportation attempts to arrive on time at every bus stop. Due to the variances between individual clocks, students are asked to arrive at their stop 5 minutes before their actual pick up time. Regular buses do not wait for late students. The bus will depart at the scheduled time if no student is at the stop. If your student is late, DO NOT have your child run after the bus. This is a dangerous practice and puts your student at risk of serious injury. If you are at the stop and the bus is more than 15 minutes late, please call our Hotline at 916-643-7999 to see how late the bus is running. If there is no information please call our office at 916-277-6701 and speak to a Dispatcher or Supervisor.

Whom do I call when I have questions or concerns?

If you have questions or concerns about transportation services for your child, please call the Transportation Department at (916) 277-6701 and A Transportation Hotline was initiated for general announcement of bus delays. The number is: (916) 643-7999 Please keep this number in an obvious place for future inquiries. This number will be updated 2-3 times per day or as needed.