Management of a Concussion
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If a child is suspected of having a concussion:

  • Immediately remove the child from the activity
  • Assess for signs & symptoms of a concussion
  • Do not let the child return to the activity with signs & symptoms
  • When in doubt, keep the child away from the activity
  • Have the child evaluated by an appropriate health care professional
  • Inform parent(s) or guardian about the possible concussion
  • Adhere to the new concussion law Code Section 49475

In addition, according to a new law effective after January 1, 2012 school officials must also adhere to the new concussion law Code Section 49475.

This law states that:

  • Before a student may try-out, practice, or compete in any Member-sponsored extracurricular athletic program, the student and parent/legal guardian must review and execute a concussion head injury information.
  • If a student is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a covered athletic activity, the student must immediately be removed from the activity and cannot return to participate until he/she has been cleared by a health care provider.
  • The new law does not apply to physical education courses for credit. That does not mean, however, that Members cannot voluntarily apply some or all of these same rules regarding “withdrawal from play” and “return to play” standards when he or she suspect a concussion.


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