The Five Rights to Proper Medication Administration
Medication Administration eTraining Slide 5


Prior to medication administration ensure that:

  • The person to whom you are about to administer the medication to matches with the name of the person on the medication container. To confirm the child’s identify ask for his or her name, compare face to a picture or have another individual confirm the child matches with the name on the medication container.
  • Ensure the medication is the right medication that is suppose to be given and is a medication the parent or guardian consented to have administered. 
  • Check the date on the container to make sure the prescription is recent.
  • The right dose means that what is removed from the container is the right amount or number of pills that is supposed to be given as stated by the directions of the physician or healthcare provider.
  • The container should also state how the medication should be delivered via mouth, eyes, ears, nose, airway, rectum, skin, or injection.
  • Lastly, ensure that the medication is being delivered at the right time as directed by the doctor or healthcare provider.

Do NOT skip checking the five rights even if you become familiar with the child taking the medication or with the medication itself. One can never be too sure if a dose was changed without your knowledge or a medication bottle was misplaced on accident.


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