Checking Glucose
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  1. Gather blood glucose monitoring supplies: lancet, test strip and meter.
  2. Student washes hands and dries thoroughly
  3. If assisting a student, put on disposable gloves
  4. Turn the meter on if necessary. Some meters turn on automatically when the strip is inserted.
  5. Check code number that appears on meter with the code number found on the container of the test strips.  Correct meter code if necessary
  6. Insert a strip into the meter
  7. Hold the lancet to side of finger and press the button 
  8. Express an adequate drop of blood
  9. Apply drop of blood to test strip (completely cover strip)
  10. Wait. Blood glucose results will be displayed on the meter. 
  11.  Dispose of the lancet with school and local ordinances. Never recap the lancet     
  12. Test strips may be discarded in a regular trash can
  13. Record blood glucose result and take appropriate action as per HEP




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