Statement from SCUSD Board President Lavinia Grace Phillips Regarding Appointment of Superintendent Lisa Allen

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The following statement is attributed to SCUSD Board President Lavinia Phillips regarding the appointment of Lisa Allen as Superintendent:

“I’m so proud that Lisa Allen has been appointed as SCUSD’s Superintendent! Our  governing board made the decision to appoint her to serve in this role, but in doing so, we were responding to feedback and requests that came from our community. 

“Our community has been asking for the same thing time and time again: structure, care, humility, understanding, and knowledge of the complex school district system that is in operation for the benefit of some but not all, and someone who wants to work toward being a change agent.

“Lisa Allen has served our District for a number of years with no significant concerns. She has demonstrated that she is able to manage effective negotiations with labor partners and will stand her ground on what’s important to our students. 

“She supports effective District governance and she has done exceptional work as our interim Superintendent during this past year. Lisa Allen is invested in this District. She has been at the wheel of hiring the most dynamic and representative central office staff.

“Lisa Allen is aware that we have a long way to go with regard to creation and implementation of restorative practices, and she is committed to serving the needs of our community.

“I look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with Superintendent Allen in service of all SCUSD students.”