SCUSD Board of Education Recap
March 21, 2024

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At the March 21 meeting of the Sacramento City Unified School District Board, the Board announced that Kaylee Gomez B. Cervantez has been appointed Principal of Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary School.

The Board recognized Ketong Ly, a 6th grader at Suy:u Elementary, as a Stellar Student. Ketong is an A student with excellent attendance. He serves on the stuent council, helps in the library, and is a leader and mentor at school. As a bilingual student, Ketong often volunteers to help translate to Cantonese for school events and shows up early to help set up for school events. 

The Board took action to approve two resolutions:

  • Recognition of March as National Women’s History Month and the important historical and ongoing contributions of women in our society.
  • Recognition of March 31, 2024 as Trans Day of Visibility to recognize the contributions of transgender people, raise awareness about the unique challenges and discrimination that they face too often, and elevate the support and care SCUSD provides to transgender students, staff and families. The District will fly the transgender pride flag at the Serna Center March 25, 2024 through March 27, 2024 in early observance of International Transgender Visibility Day, due to schools and District offices being closed the remainder of the week.

The Board took action to  approve the submission of a State Board of Education Waiver Request for 2021-22 Instructional Time Penalty for Sacramento City Unified School District, Bowling Green Charter School, New Joseph Bonnheim Community Charter School, George  Washington Carver School of Arts and Science, and New Technology High School. The waiver is intended to address a penalty that the District received from the State for a shortage of instructional days and instructional minutes due to the workforce strike in the 2021-22 school year. A successful SBE waiver of the instructional time penalty will ensure that the funds that would otherwise be used to pay for the penalty will instead be used to improve student achievement by providing additional meaningful instruction to supplement students’ learning, engagement, and socialization. SCUSD and Sacramento City Teachers Association (SCTA) have reached agreement on a proposal to add 16 additional days of instruction over two academic years (8 days per year for the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years).

In alignment with the waiver that the District is submitting to SBE, the SCUSD Board took action to approve school year calendars for the District, Bowling Green Charter School, New Joseph Bonnheim Community Charter School, George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science, and New Technology High School.

The Board also held a public hearing and subsequently took action to approve the adoption of Secondary World Languages Instructional Materials to support World Language instruction for grades 9-12, AP World Languages courses, and teacher professional learning.

The Board also took action to approve convening a new advisory committee of citizens, known as a “7-11 Committee,” to review and make recommendations to the Board on five District properties that are not currently operating as schools and two additional underutilized facilities that are owned by the District. 

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